Top 17 Summer Nail Trends To Try New Look in 2023




The arrival of summer brings a whole host of new trends to try out—and nails are no exception! If you’re looking for inspiration for your summer nails, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll share 17 of the hottest summer nail trends for 2023. 

So whether you’re a fan of bright colors, funky designs, or something more understated, there’s sure to be a trend here that you’ll love. So what are you waiting for? Get ahead of the curve and try one of these summer nail trends today!

1) Summer Coffin Nails

It’s what it sounds like: long acrylics with a squared-off, tapered edge that looks like a coffin or dancing shoe. Color, design, ornamentation, and attitudes can all be incorporated into this nail shape.

Holographic foiling, ombré coloring, beads, diamonds, or nail art can elevate them. Coffin nails are the nails Instagram stars and influencers choose if they want to make a statement.

2) Summer Almond Nails

Almond nails have a long, tapered curve that ends in a chic tip. Their name derives from the almond nut’s form. You can maintain solid talons and slim your nails by wearing almond nails.

Some people choose acrylics to achieve the almond look since this nail shape requires significant length. Combine pastel ombre with solid-color manicure polish for a lively and enjoyable summer look.

3) Short Summer Round Nails

This summer, the conventional round shape also has a more subdued vibe. This elegant and simple manicure style is an incredibly adaptable favorite on the catwalk.

Wearing a nude varnish or a bright hue on round nails can add refinement or draw attention. Natural, low-maintenance, rounded nails are ideal for elegant or slightly androgynous styles.

4) Colorful Summer Nails Trend

It’s time to travel somewhere as sunny, warm, and exotic as the weather! Make a fruity pastel martini using the primary colors of pink, mint, lilac, yellow, and baby blue. 

The rules are relaxed in the summer, and it’s time to display your artistic side through your manicure.

5) Trendy Summer Acrylic Nails

The quickest approach to acquiring the long nails of your dreams is using acrylics. They don’t require lamp curing like gels, so they’re an easy way to adjust the shape of your nails. 

Acrylics are ideal for the summer because of their added length and fashionable shapes. For fills and replacements, you’ll need to visit the salon frequently.

6) Neon Summer Nails Trend

It all boils down to selecting the neon trend hue that complements your skin tone. Lime green, electric blue, and yellow stand out against deeper skin tones; if you have a dark complexion, all neon colors will look good. 

Stay with hot pink and purple manicures if you’re on the fair side to make the most of this vivid trend.

7) Mountains Summer Nails

Mountain peaks, one of the less popular nail shapes, have recently gained popularity. Medium-length nails that taper to a tip are kept short and smooth. Similar to stiletto nails in design, the mountain peak shape doesn’t necessitate particularly long fingernails. 

So long as your natural nails are strong and don’t break easily, you can get this shape with them.

8) Color Blocking Nails

Why not give this stylish spin on the color block trend a go for all those glitzy summer nights out? Pop colors give the design a lively touch, while natural tones give it an exquisite feel. 

Your fingernails and nail beds will appear longer because of the arrow effect that chevron tips produce. Several color schemes can also be used with this style of design.

9) Floral Nail Trends

Who doesn’t adore floral nail art? This ultra-feminine style is ideal when daisies are in full bloom in the summer. Use a light-colored neutral basecoat as if you were painting on canvas to make the flowers stand out. 

Use decals or stencils instead of hand-painting floral patterns on each nail if you need more time or skill. Alternately, make your ring finger’s feature nail a floral design.

10) 3D Summer Seashell Nails

Whenever you go, carry the sea with you! The nautical manicure is a beautiful way to show off your artistic side and love of the ocean. The rippling effect requires a specific method utilizing gel, so look for a nail artist specializing in 3D art. 

Add a tiny pearl or crystal close to your cuticle to give the impression of a priceless treasure inside a clamshell. During a hot day on the sand or in the sea, it’s a great way to channel your inner mermaid.

11) Pink Icecream Summer Nails

The ideal choice for your upcoming summer salon visit is this manicure with an ice cream-like texture. Pink is an excellent hue for the time of year because it’s vibrant enough for the warm weather and goes with various clothing and settings. 

A white line is added to the sides of each finger to create a melting effect, making it suitable for hot weather.

12) Summer Strawberry Nails

It’s little wonder that strawberries are a summertime favorite. If you’re looking for nail art inspiration, imitate Harry Styles’ summer jams or that famous garment that went viral. 

Start with a traditional French manicure and trace the outline of the fruit with a little brush and red paint. Then, top it off with the green leaves after filling it in with color. Add a few tiny white dots to the strawberries for the finishing touch.

13) Coral Shade Nails

Coral is a classic summer hue and looks fantastic on nails. If you like simple nail art, this is your ideal choice. This manicure’s simplicity makes it beautiful since it lengthens your fingers and gives you a summer glow. 

It complements everyone’s skin tone and looks fantastic with various clothes, no matter how long or short you want to wear them. Moreover, if you decide to add something later, it makes a fantastic base color for a more complex design.

14) Smiley Face Nails

Why not display your excitement on your nails since this season is about having fun and spending time with your loved ones? This nail art seems straightforward, using just a few colors that stand out. 

Put small circles all over your nails evenly, choosing a shade of pink, blue, or green that you prefer. After it has dried, draw a smiley line, two dots, and two smileys to create a friendly face. This is a beautiful place to start if you’re new to nail art.

15) Sunflower Summer Nails

In the same way that sunflowers constantly point toward the light, so can you with this lovely manicure. It’s simple to recreate, and this feminine design will likely get compliments. 

Start with two of your preferred hues; popular options are pink and yellow. Paint one color on two or three fingers while leaving the other two unpainted. Paint a flower with its petals finishing in the middle, emerging from one side of the pink or neutral nail.

16) Yellow Summer Nails

There will be a buzz on Instagram about these nails! Modern and contemporary summer nail designs are perfect for your upcoming salon appointment. Rather than the conventional French manicure, a beautiful floral motif is substituted. 

Choose your favorite yellow hues, such as lemon, pineapple, and canary, and combine them with white for the best effect and a three-dimensional appearance.

17) Peachy Summer Nails

Peachy nails will help you stand out this summer. This manicure is a fantastic choice for those extended, hot days, whether you enjoy the color, fruit (or both). 

Start lightly painting four of your five fingers with the peach color, leaving one finger in a neutral or naked shade.

Wrapping Up!

There you have it, the top 17 summer nails trends for 2023! What do you think? Will you be trying any of these looks? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!