Ten Reasons Your Skincare Routine Isn’t Working




So, you’ve tried everything, haven’t you? You’ve added and subtracted products, gone on diets, and used every single product that has been recommended to you. Somehow, your skin problems aren’t just going away.

The good news is: this is very normal. The even better news is: I can help you fix it!

In this article, we’ll look at ten of the most probable reasons your skincare isn’t working and how you can fix it.

Let’s get right into it!

Reason 1: You’re Using One Or More Products That Are The Wrong Type For Your Skin.

Skin types are classified based on their qualities as well as how they need to be treated.

A person with dry skin would definitely enjoy a more milky moisturizer than one with oily skin. In fact, a milky moisturizer would better dry skin by leaps and bounds but would considerably worsen oil or sweat production for a person with oily skin. 

Also, while almost everyone would benefit from a clay mask, someone with sensitive skin might break out from it. A better alternative is pink clay which is more suited for sensitive skin. According to Femina Beauty, pink kaolin clay is a mix of red and white, and yellow kaolin clay that offers gentle exfoliation and boosts circulation.

It is very important to ensure that a product is okay for your skin type. You can do this by reading reviews. Luckily, the skincare world has got your back and you’ll probably see reviews written by people with your skin type.

A person with more experience and interest in skincare could consider studying various products and chemicals so they can know what works for them.

Reason 2: You’re Not Layering Your Products Right

The way you lay your products greatly affects how they work. Skincare products are of varying consistencies, texture-wise. This means that some products are thick while others are light.

Thick products are harder to absorb and often clog pores (which is not necessarily a bad thing if you wash your face the right way twice daily). The opposite can be said for lighter products. 

If you want to use a moisturizer and a serum, the lighter one (the serum) should go first as it is easily absorbed and will not prevent the skin from absorbing the moisturizer as deeply as it needs to be. If you used a moisturizer first, the reverse would be the case.

One reason that sunscreen is the last product you should use is that it will prevent other products from getting absorbed as well as they should. It will also, of course, weaken the sunscreen. 

Bottom line? Learn how to layer your products.

Here’s a video by Dr. Dray, a certified dermatologist, on how to layer your skincare products. 

Reason 3: You’re Not Paying Attention To The Little Details

Oftentimes, the little details affect routines. Do you dry your face with a towel? Is the towel dedicated to your face alone or is it used for your entire body? Do you wash your towel after each use and/ or keep it neatly? Do you wash your face with very warm water? Do you use your products consistently?

Truthfully, by taking active charge of your skincare, you’re making it easier for yourself to have great skin and could be probably saving yourself a few extra dollars on consultations. However, it is no walk in the park to do skincare right. You still need to ensure that whatever products have been reviewed, tested, and approved by the appropriate authorities. 

Reason 4: You Might Need More Than Just The Basics

Do you keep your routine very basic? It might be time to switch it up. Sometimes, you need more than your daily 4-product routine. Masks, serums, as well as a ton of other products, exist to combat problems you face.

A lot of people do not know that there are skin care products to reduce the appearance of the pores of your skin. Your problem might not be the problem. The problem could be your approach to the problem? Fancy wordplay, ay? However, it’s true. Consider improving your Skincare routine

Want to pick out a mask? Here is WebMD’s guide to picking out the right facial mask.

Reason 5: You’re Doing Too Much

Ironically enough, you could also be doing too much. Do you have a fifteen-step routine and get weekly facials? Probably too much. Remember that the skin of your face is very sensitive and doesn’t need a long routine. 

Reason 6: You Do Not Know Enough About Skincare

How much about your skin and caring for it do you actually know? Did you take your time to study the basics? Having full knowledge about the basics of skincare is a heavy necessity. Doing this might help you troubleshoot the problems in your routine. Take out a few minutes to read up about everything you need to know about starting a skincare routine.

Reason 7: You Could Have Deeper Issues

Sadly, there is always that possibility that you have deeper issues that you cannot treat yourself. An allergy to certain materials and chemicals is better diagnosed and treated by a trained dermatologist. 

If nothing seems to work, check with your dermatologist or esthetician. It could be an allergy or a skin issue that requires medication or serious treatment.

Reason 8: You’ve Not Found The Right Brand

I like to believe that we’re all just in search of the right products. I discovered a $10 moisturizer that beats every moisturizer I have ever used… and there’s a long list. Sometimes, you just have to search a little for the right brand or product for your skin. 

Reason 9: You’re Using An Expired Or Counterfeit Product

It happens to the best of us. It’s very possible to have used a product past its Best Before Date. It is also possible to shop at the wrong location and accidentally buy counterfeit products- especially with luxury brands.

However, there are ways to prevent this. 

You can start by ensuring that you only shop at stores that are famous or labeled as approved distributors of products. This is easier than we think. You can easily find the approved distributors for a product through a Google search:

Reason 10: You Need A New Routine

It’s possible: your face has just become a teeny bit immune to the products you’ve been using. You need a break and a change in your routine.

This isn’t a cause to panic. See it as an opportunity to go shopping for new products. 

Final Thoughts

Skincare can be challenging. Although, we should expect no less. Dermatologists and estheticians definitely work for their pay. If your skincare routine isn’t working, don’t give up. You just need to try something new. 

Disclaimer: Although I am currently studying to be a professional Skin Therapist, I am not a licensed or trained medical practitioner. If you or any other person has a medical concern, you should consult with your health care provider or seek other professional medical treatment immediately.

Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something that you have read on this blog, website, or in any linked materials.