How to Handle Hair loss From Chemotherapy



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Guarantee your packages in the US by protecting them against loss, theft, or damage.



Enhanced Protection from Life’s Challenges

  • Lost in transit
  • Stolen from doorstep
  • Damaged packages

What is Shipping Protection?

We want you to receive your piece in perfect condition, but sometimes things happen to packages while in transit that can’t be controlled. If you’re a customer in the contiguous United States, you can add this layer of protection to make sure your package is covered if it happens to get lost, stolen, or damaged. To help mitigate these shipping issues, we provide enhanced protection to your order for a small fee at the time of checkout. This fee covers the following shipping issues:

  • LOST: Packages presumed to be lost by the carrier where the status is not ‘delivered’. Claims can be filed between 7 and 30 days from the date the order was shipped.
  • STOLEN: Packages marked ‘delivered’ yet not received are considered stolen. Claims can be filed between 5 and 15 days after the ‘delivery date’.
  • DAMAGED: A purchased product that is unusable due to damage incurred during shipping is considered damaged. Claims can be filed within 15 days of the delivery date.