Biotech beauty brand launches first-to-market skin care molecule




Earlier this month, biotech beauty brand Mother Science announced the launch of its Molecular Hero Serum formulated with first-to-market novel ingredient Malassezin. As the only currently available product featuring this biotech hero ingredient, Mother Science’s breakthrough innovation is designed to reduce dark spots and even skin tone in all skin types.

To learn more about the formulation and development of Malassezin, its potential impact on manufacturers and suppliers to the cosmetics and personal care product industries, and Mother Science’s plans for further product innovation utilizing this hero ingredient, CosmeticsDesign spoke with Edna Coryell, co-founder and COO, and Dr. Pearl Grimes, Chief Dermatologist at Mother Science for their insights.

Novel ingredient formulation and development

With the launch of the innovation, “we are excited to have patented our proprietary ingredient and exclusively bring Malassezin to the market​,” shared Coryell.

The Mother Science team set to work researching and developing novel ingredient Malassezin through a thorough testing process. “We have an extensive formulation process to make sure that every product pushes the boundaries of efficacy and innovation​,” she explained.

Utilizing its internal database comprising “an immense amount of data on Malassezin to informs all product R&D​,” the team was better able to “understand what product forms and synergistic ingredients will help us develop the most impactful end product​,” she said.

Informed by its proprietary information, the research team determined “Malassezin is a naturally occurring molecule found on the skin, and through biotechnology we have been able to recreate it​,” stated Coryell.