5 Sunday Rituals That Start Each Week on the Best Note




My mantra of late has been simple: Do less. This pared-back approach can be a struggle at times because my brain is constantly repeating the opposite. It tells me that nothing is ever quite right, that I need to do more to get things “just so.” 

For me, this shift toward doing less is especially apparent on Sundays. I used to only consider Sunday a success if I cleaned the entire house, top to bottom. Now, I take a much gentler approach to preparing our home and myself for the week ahead.

Today I’m sharing the Sunday rituals I practice right now—and a few I want to start!

The beauty of these rituals is that they’re all bite-sized and approachable. This means that if I happen to have a bad Sunday and don’t get any of them done, I can easily tackle them the next day and get back on track.

Sunday Rituals That Start Each Week on the Best Note

1. Practice gratitude.

Before bed, I like to jot down a simple list of ten things I’m grateful for in my life. Just one word, no sentences. This helps put everything into perspective before the busyness of the week begins. It is especially helpful if I’m overthinking something or worrying about things I cannot control.

2. Do 15-30 minutes of movement.

These days, my workout mantra is a lot different than it used to be: Done, not perfect. For me, it’s about getting myself moving and sweating a little—it doesn’t need to be any more complex than that. I’ve created a workout schedule for myself that keeps the approach really simple. I generally goal myself to get 15-30 minutes of movement in, including on Sundays. It’s becoming a habit that I just wake up and do.

3. Tidy the areas that need it most.

Rather than tasking myself to do a housewide clean every Sunday like I used to, my Sunday tidying routine centers around checking in with myself about what areas in particular are bringing me stress and only addressing those. This past Sunday, I recognized that the state of our main bathroom had gotten out of hand. I spent fifteen minutes cleaning and organizing it and felt so much better after the fact.

4. Plan for the week ahead.

While I don’t actively do this each Sunday right now, I’m itching to get back into the habit! Taking a little time to intentionally plan for the week ahead is something most of us could benefit from. This kind of planning helps clarify what the big tasks and projects are for the week ahead—both at work and in my personal life. That way, even if the week gets wild and busy, I’m able to keep my top priorities front of mind.

5. Do a bit of meal planning.

I hate having to decide at the last minute what to make for dinner—a thing that’s unfortunately become more common lately. To get to a place where this doesn’t happen so often, I really want to get back into the habit of meal planning on Sundays! I know this will save money and stress throughout the week.

What are the rituals you practice each Sunday? Which ones would you like to implement?